About D&M Carter LLC.

Born in 1924, company founder, Donald O. Carter, grew up in Newtown, Ohio and attended Terrace Park High School.  He entered WWII at the age of 18, serving in the 427th Armored Field Artillery Battalion and the 44th Infantry Division.  In 1946, after a year in the Philippines, he left the service and married Ramola Launa Dres.  Following studies at the New Mexico School of Mines, he returned to Cincinnati and worked in various phases of construction. March 1st, 1956 he founded Carter Construction Co., Inc. in the eastern suburb of Plainville. The company moved to its current location in Miamiville, Ohio in 1973. Don Carter passed away in 2006, and is currently resting back home in Newtown, Ohio.


After 3 decades of residential site development, the need to diversify had finally become necessary. So in 2012, D&M Carter, LLC was established utilizing all the same techniques, men and equipment of Carter Construction, but branching off into the residential, commercial, and capital improvements company, D&M Carter, LLC. Doing so, D&M was able to maintain that family owned and operated feel that they had for all those years.




In the Field

Doug Roush

Project Manager - Site Utilities


Mike Hardiman

Project Manager - Site Utilities

Jim Hall

Project Manager - Site Utilities


Chad Kammer

Project Manager - Earthwork


Bob Tull Jr.

Project Manager - Earthwork

Dusty Hatfield

Project Manager - Commercial Lawn and Landscape

Matt May

Project Manager - Site Utilities



In the Office

Anita C. Lovejoy




Donald E. Carter


3rd generation,  Superintendent, Estimating, HR and IT.

Josh Roush




David S. Carter


President, HR, Sales.

Mark P. Carter


Vice President, Estimating, Sales, billing.

In the Shop
Brian Bowman

Brian Bowman

Mechanic, Service Tech.

Roger Zimmerer